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Kammel Village
Viale Magna Grecia
Metaponto Lido (MT)
Tel. +39 0835 741926
Tel. +39 0835 741927
Fax +39 0835 745585
Kammel Village is in Metaponto Lido, that is near beaches, in the province of Matera.
Metaponto is in the middle of the gulf of Taranto, in the Jonio Sea, on the Jonic coast of Basilicata. Around our resort you will find wide Mediterranean bushes areas and picturesque pine forests which stretch away as far as beaches. You will visit a place rich in history and full of wonderful prooves of Magna Graecia.

Metaponto is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy the sea and the hot weather of Southern sun.
Our beaches are wide and sandy, with fully equipped bathing establishments at bathers’ service and with uncontaminated areas for sport fishing near the mouths of Bradano and Basento rivers.
Metaponto was builded by the Greeks coming from Acaia in the middle of the seventh century B.C. and it became one of the most important colony of Magna Graecia. Its richness was based above all on its wide and fertile territory, delimited by Bradano and Basento rivers and well known for its cereal production (testified by the ear which is on Metaponto coins).
The most prosperous periods were the second half of the sixth century and the first half of the fourth century B.C., which were characterized by a huge building development; in the Roman age, Metaponto went through a period of decadence with a consequent contraction of the built-up area, which was limited around the area of Castrum.
The progressive abandonment of the place was marked by the continuous floods of the two rivers.
The Archaeological Park includes the monumental remains of the urban sanctuary dedicated to Apollo Licio and of the contiguous “agorà” (the square where markets and public assemblies took place).
The sacred area includes four temples: the most ancient one, dedicated to Atena, was builded at the beginning of the sixth century B.C.; Apollo and Hera’s temples, both in Doric style, were builded in 570 B.C.; tte monumental Jonic temple dedicated to Afrodite was builded round about 470 B.C.
The urban complex is delimited by an impressive surrounding wall dated back to the sixth century B.C., modified in the fourth century B.C. and characterized by a sequence of monumental entries. It is also possible to visit the “Tavole Palatine” temple, dedicated to Hera and builded in Doric style in the sixth century B.C. in order to delimit the territorial borders of the ancient Achaean centre.
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Metaponto - Tavole Palatine
Metaponto - Tempio di Apollo Licio
Metaponto - Tempio di Apollo Licio
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